Lumpiang Shanghai Named One of the Best Street Foods in the World

Lumpiang shanghai is once again getting all the recognition it deserves. After ranking sinigang, bulalo, and tinolang manok as some of the best soups in the world, international food and travel guide TasteAtlas released its Top 50 Street Foods in the world for the month of September 202.

Right in second place is the Pinoy classic lumpiang shanghai! It got a rating of 4.9 from TasteAtlas’ food critics, researchers, and audiences. The lumpiang shanghai only comes second to Malaysia’s roti canai.

Lumpiang shanghai is also the only Filipino dish on the Top 50 Street Foods list!

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Looking for the best lumpiang shanghai? TasteAtlas recommends getting it from The Aristocrat which has several branches all over the country. This is the recommendation by a number of Filipino food critics.

Where do you get your favorite lumpiang shanghai? Share it with us!

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