‘Lucifer’ Renewed for Season 5… But It Will Be the Final One!

It’s been months since Lucifer’s fourth season was released and fans have been rallying on social media to give the Devil another season, and it seemed like it worked!

Lucifer has been renewed for a fifth season. However, this is also going to be its last. The show posted a very enthusiastic Tom Ellis, Lucifer himself, celebrating the renewal, ending with a quick teaser poster on its official Twitter page, thanking its fans for the support and preparing them for the end.

While not a hit with American audiences, Lucifer managed to build a strong fandom overseas, including the Philippines. #LuciferSeason5 has been trending in the country since the news broke out! This last season is a chance for the cast and crew to say goodbye to their fans while also wrapping up Lucifer’s story nicely since season four ended with quite a cliffhanger. The last time we saw him, Lucifer resumed his place as king of hell, leaving Detective Decker behind on earth. Where the show is going could be anyone’s guess.

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There’s no news about when the fifth season of the show is going to come out yet, it could be months or even a year. As sad as we are to see our favorite Devil go, we’re excited to see how he does it.

Are you a Lucifan? What has your favorite ‘Lucifer’ moment been so far?