5 Things I Love About my Lowepro Camera Backpack

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If you’re also a photography enthusiast like me, I’m sure you’ll understand the importance of having a reliable camera bag specially when you go on adventures.

Years ago, I had a typical black bulky camera bag which I got for free when I purchased my 1st Nikon dslr. When my photowalks became more frequent, I realized then, that it wasn’t safe for a female commuter like me to roam the streets of Manila carrying that. YIKES! I was like signalling snatchers, “Hey! I have a camera up for grabs!” After realizing that, I just placed my camera and lenses in an ordinary backpack so it wouldn’t look obvious. Yeah, it did help me feel safer however, as the years went by and my lenses increased in number, I knew I had to find a durable camera bag to also protect my precious gear. I’ve had a few other camera bags, but I must say that my most preferred  would be my Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW which has been serving me well since I started using it this year. I’m 100% happy with it, and here are the reasons why:

5. It’s Stylish

Since I started using my Lowepro Photo Hatchback, I felt more safe whenever commuting since it only looks like a regular backpack. It’s also what I use as hand carry bag whenever I fly. I also like its design a lot as it looks casual, fun and stylish. Pang bagets! It also has extra side pockets with stretchy mesh perfect for water bottles or other accessories. It also converts into a regular day pack when you remove the padded camera box at the back.

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4. Has a lot of compartments for lenses and accessories

When choosing a camera bag, always consider the number of accessories and lenses you need place inside it. As for me, I usually bring 2 lenses (Tamron 16-300mm and a 50mm f/1.4 prime) during shoots plus chargers, powerbanks and my laptop. All these fit perfectly in my Lowepro Photo Hatchback!


3.  Safe & Secure

I really appreciate the fact that the camera body and lens compartments are located at the back, so I never have to worry that someone will open my bag and steal away my precious camera. So as long as I’m carrying my backpack, I’m 100% sure that my gear is safe. This for me is a big BIG PLUS!


2. Has an  All- Weather Cover

I’m really glad my Lowepro bag has an all-weather cover because it provides extra protection especially when it rains. Keeps all my belongings safe and dry. Remember that your camera and lenses are pricey, so be sure to protect them well.


1. Lightweight yet Highly Durable

I’ve used a number of camera bags before, but when I started using my Lowepro Photo Hatchback, I immediately felt the big difference. First, I was relieved from that constant back pain since I always carry my heavy gear. Second, it has soft breathable cushion panels at the back and straps, making it so comfortable to wear. It also has adjustable chest and waist straps to help you get the right fit and best comfort possible. Lastly, I’m amazed on how lightweight and durable it is. Super tibay! I’ve been using it almost everyday for months and it still looks new!


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Here’s the video that convinced me to go for the Lowepro Photo Hatchback:

SRP is P3,200!

Super sulit I promise!


Here’s a list of shops where you can find Lowepro bags:

  • All CameraHaus Branches Nationwide
  • M20 Enterprises (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Mayers Photo (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Orbit Photographic (Hidalgo, Quiapo)
  • Selected PerfectShot branches Nationwide
  • Selected iClick branches nationwide
  • Selected Canon D Zone branches


So if you’re looking  for a camera bag to take on your adventures next year, go for the trusted original- LOWEPRO!

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ALL photos Taken using NIKON D7000 with Tamron 16-300mm & 90mm f/2.8 macro lenses 

5 Things I Love About my Lowepro Camera Backpack