Here’s a #LoveLokal Gift Guide for Anybody on Your Christmas List

Haven’t finished Christmas shopping for everyone on your list yet? Why not give a gift that is proudly Filipino and support our local vendors and products?

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Here is a #LoveLokal gift guide with items that you can give practically anyone on your list.

#LoveLokal Christmas Gift Guide


Sturdy. Rugged. Polished. Marquina’s Grand Alpine Derby is all these and more. Dress it up or dress it down, this pair is the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking for trusty, classic footwear in their arsenal.

And there’s truly no better brand to get it from than Marquina, a name with a heritage that ensures the continuity of the past with traditional shoemaking while taking footwear to the present with modern styles.

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As the brand is a fervent supporter of local craft and a champion of the Marikina caliber of shoemaking, buying a pair from Marquina ensures you a positive impact on the industry and on the lives and craft of every local shoemaker—especially this holiday season.

Saan Saan

Handmade and all-natural with versatile scent notes that aren’t too overpowering, Saan Saan No. 02 Baker Street of Poblacion is the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking for an addition to their candle collection or even someone just starting out. It is Saan Saan’s first-ever scent from their impeccable lineup of candle fragrances. 

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As a brand, Saan Saan is widely known for finding inspiration from places, stories, and experiences—most especially, how aroma plays a part in all of those. . They value the grounding effect of a pause, of introspection and quiet—the silent rituals that nourish us to move again. This is evident in how No. 02 Baker Street of Poblacion takes one back to childhood, taking a break from school or play and enjoying tasty bread for merienda from the local panaderya. Evoking the simplest pleasures. 

Elevate the mood at anyone’s home. No. 02 Baker Street of Poblacion is warm, cozy, and gourmand, and it awakens the holiday spirit. Light up this candle, play some Christmas jazz, and get transported to the most wonderful time of the year.


Described as “the real deal” by Kurimu founders, Maxine and Bryan Kong, the Shio Mint Chip started as the brand’s response to the clamor for the classic flavor. “We rarely give in to flavor requests, but we couldn’t resist this. We’ve always enjoyed the idea of putting our own spin on familiar concepts,” the founders shared.

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One of the things that make their iteration stand out is how they use freshly-plucked peppermint leaves sourced from a small batch farmer. After all, there’s no substitute for the coolness that fresh mint brings to your ice cream. To make things even better, the chocolates used are from award-winning Malagos Chocolate.

This flavor will surely trigger the holiday feels because of peppermint candy canes, peppermint lattes, and anything minty that symbolizes the “colder” -ber months.

1919 Chocolate

1919 Chocolate takes craft chocolate to the next level through meticulous process. Unlike other chocolates that are made from just bean to bar, being tree-to-bar means they have full control: from tree to (chocolate) bar. These include the timing of when the cacao fruits are harvested, the fermentation of the cacao beans to the drying of the cacao. The fine flavors of craft chocolate are mainly developed during fermentation and roasting—both of which they do themselves.

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Basically, every bite of 1919 chocolate is the fruit of all of their hard work from the farm to the chocolate workshop. The result? Chocolates that have garnered accolades from Academy of Chocolate.

Gift this set to any chocolate lover because not only does this let one taste locally made, award-winning tree-to-bar chocolate but also make a lot of hot chocolate to pair with bibingka and puto bumbong after simbang gabi.

Fren Supply

Fren Supply is a lifestyle brand that holds tales of individuality, togetherness, and belongingness. The apparel brand carries an assortment of bags, best used for work, travel, or everyday use. Available in versatile colors like bone, moss, and sand, each bag is made of waxed canvas, ensuring durability and a beautiful patina through time and repeated use. 

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With our days picking up pace and people going out and about again, it’s high time that we get bags that can support us along the way. Fren Supply is a perfect gift for those who want to navigate their busy lifestyles with a trustworthy tote that keeps their things—lots of them—secure.

Leon Denim

As the first and only raw and selvedge denim heritage lifestyle brand based in the Philippines, Léon Denim maintains a high and exacting standard for every item they produce—be it bags, headgear, or the classic pair of denim pants. 

What binds the founders of Léon Denim together is their common love for clothing—a deep passion for artisanal, high-quality garments. It’s the driving force that made them experiment with raw and selvedge denim for personal consumption, which then led to the brand that we know now.  

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As such, you can expect any item from Léon Denim to be crafted with the utmost care, meticulousness, and passion—so much so that these garments will withstand the test of time. If there are people in your life who appreciate things that are painstakingly made to reach elevated levels of quality, then Léon Denim is a great gift choice.

Type A

While Type A is proudly local, part of its origin story can be traced to Central America, where Type A founder Danielle Canlas-Torres had tasted some of the world’s best coffee variants a few years back. Their signature cold brew, perfected after years of refining and improving their blend, began as a simple kitchen brew using beans she had roasted and brought in from Panama. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The coffee lovers in your life will definitely enjoy these premium brews that are made with only the finest beans, processed meticulously by people who know what it takes to make that great cup of coffee.

Masa Ceramics Studio

Teatime and coffee breaks become more special with Masa Ceramics Studio. Founded by ceramic artist and illustrator Iori Espiritu, the brand showcases the artist’s two creative strengths: making good pottery and decorating them with cute faces, endearing animals, and beautiful flowers. Each piece is made and designed by hand, ensuring that no two ceramics are alike. 

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Aside from mugs, Masa Ceramics Studio also carries plates and bowls—perfect complements to your morning habit (or midnight rituals). Snacks that go well with tea and coffee find a home in Iori’s handcrafted works. Those who love these small pockets of happiness in their day would love a mug or two from Masa Ceramics Studio. 


a.kin takes pride in providing classic, everyday frames decked in diverse colors that fit a variety of wardrobes and styles. Their collections may be worn on a beach holiday or a busy day out in the city—the possibilities are endless. 

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And with the addition of their latest clip-ons, a.kin’s designs become more versatile. Gift a pair to somebody who loves to switch up their eyewear in a snap.


Full Circle Craft Distillers traces its roots back to 1918, when master distiller Peter Westfall arrived in Manila from Russia. Applying his knowledge and expertise in a local brewery, he experimented with the country’s tropical fruits and botanicals, developing the foundations for the world-class gins and spirits that we enjoy from Full Circle today.

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ARC Gin follows these centuries-old traditions and techniques to deliver award-winning flavors and experiences. Gift these special spirits and introduce a friend to a whole new world of artisanal, well-made, and flavorful gins.

WIP Caps

Based in Manila, WIP Caps produces unique, high-quality headwear and apparel. The brand is led by a creative group that draws from diverse interests—music, skateboarding culture, urban aesthetics, among others—to produce meaningful designs and media content. 

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Inspired by passionate individuals and their lifestyles, WIP Caps is the perfect gift for somebody who is as driven, passionate, and creative as the people behind the brand.

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