Loss of Cell Phone Reception on APEC Week – No Valid Claims

When the Pope came to visit the Philippines early this year, several areas experienced a lost of cell phone signal as extra measures were taken to secure the safety of the Pope. This week, as the world leaders arrive in our country, rumors have been spreading via social media that users may once again experience problems with their signal.

This is the image that has been circulating online:

Cellphone Reception (01)

While we are not sure where this came from, Smart and Globe both commented on the issue.

Smart’s reply on Twitter:

cellphone reception (02)

Globe Telecom’s comment: cellphone reception (03)

While there is no proof that reception may lost this week, we urge everyone to still not rely completely on their cell phone just in case. If meeting with someone in Makati or Pasay, have a specific time and place to meet.

Spread the word and let’s not ensue further panic.

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