LOOK: You Might Just Save Filipino Lives with This Gift Idea

These days I am more aware of the challenges our world is facing and the suffering that results from not being able to address them properly. A consequence of this increased awareness is a feeling of guilt over asking for or receiving expensive gifts, especially during Christmas. So for several years now for Kris Kringle, I always just request a donation of cash equivalent to the agreed on gift value to my chosen charity instead of a gift item.

By doing so, I feel happier and better, especially in the knowledge that this kind of gift will have, potentially, a huge impact in someone’s life. For me, this kind of gift-giving is more meaningful. And it can also be for you. You might feel the same way I do. In which case, you will be happy to read this.

Exchange Inspired Gifts That Change Lives 

UNICEF Philippines has come up with a fantastic exchange-gift idea that will increase the impact of your gift in the world. Instead of buying the usual gift, you can choose a gift, such as school supplies or hygiene kits, that will have an immediate impact on children in the Philippines.

You can then dedicate this gift to your friend. It’s going to be like the best Christmas gift he or she won’t receive. UNICEF is calling it ‘Inspired Gifts.”

So, how does it work? Go to inspiredgifts.unicef.ph and follow these three steps.


Choose a gift idea that has an instant impact on children in the Philippines.

UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts, which range from Php 300 to Php 2,500, include school and hygiene supplies, medicines and treatments for children who suffer from malnutrition, as well as seminars and training materials to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.


Send a personalized eCard to a friend or loved one for the gift you made in their honor.


When you buy an Inspired Gift on behalf of a friend or family member, UNICEF will send that person a personalized e-card with a photograph and description of the gift.


Each lifesaving gift will help children where they need it most.


“Inspired Gifts can make your Kris Kringle gift exchanges more meaningful by sending life-saving help to children who need it most,” says UNICEF Philippines Deputy Representative Julia Rees. “Corporations can ‘donate’ a week of their Kris Kringle exchanges to giving each other Inspired Gifts, while friends and family may choose to make an Inspired Gift on behalf of a loved one who lives far away.”

UNICEF has been working in the Philippines for nearly 70 years to protect and promote the rights of children. Its programs help children survive and thrive, in areas such as education, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, disaster risk reduction, and child protection.

To give an Inspired Gift, you can visit inspiredgifts.unicef.ph and choose which gift to donate from a selection of items. Inspired Gifts runs until December 31, 2017.

What do you think? Can you convince your friends and colleagues to at least reserve a part of your gifts budget for such an incredible cause? Let us know below!


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