LOOK: You Can Now Listen to Songs From the Cassette Using Wireless Headphones

The concept of “survival of the fittest” is often misunderstood. Others think that only the strongest survive when in fact, those who can adapt well are those who survive. You have to keep up with the times and that is exactly what this modern cassette is doing. It is evolving and adapting to modern tech with the addition of the Bluetooth. You may think that the cassette is dead, but it looks like it’s making a comeback.

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The It’s OK cassette player is dubbed as the world’s first Bluetooth portable cassette player. It is just like any other player except for one thing–you are not required to plug in your headphone jack to listen because it has Bluetooth 5.0 built in it. Don’t worry because you can still listen to it with wired headphones if you prefer to stick to the classics.

The device comes in three eye-catching colors–Cloud (white), Sakura (pink), and Evening (blue). It can be had for $63 (around Php 3,235) at the company’s Kickstarter page – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ninmlab/its-ok-the-worlds-first-bluetooth-50-cassette-player. Prepare to go retro with the cassette minus the annoying wires!

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