LOOK: Torre De Manila Photobombs Mexican President’s Photo in Luneta

LOOK Torre De Manila Photobombs Mexican President's Photo in Luneta

The Torre de Manila has had a bad year. Since it started construction in 2012, heritage groups have criticized the building for affecting the sightline of the historic Rizal Monument in Luneta and for allegedly violating zoning laws in the city of Manila. DMCI, the developers behind the tower, has vehemently denied this and said that it does not “photobomb” the monument, even as personalities and social media users posted photos of the Rizal Monument with Torre de Manila clearly seen in the background. The back-and-forth of this issue ended in 2015, when the Solicitor General asked DMCI to demolish the tower at its own expense.

However, before it was completely demolished, it managed to take one epic photobomb: in a picture by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The photo was uploaded on the president’s Facebook page, with the caption, “Ceremonia de Depósito de Ofrenda Floral en el Monumento del Héroe Nacional José Rizal.” (Wreath deposit ceremony at the Monument of National Hero Jose Rizal.)

In the photo, the president is seen in front of the Rizal Monument with Manila Mayor Erap Estrada. Torre de Manila is seen in the background.

President Nieto is in the Philippines for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.

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