LOOK: Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic mascots are already chosen!

In line with the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic games have already been chosen. Announced on tokyo2020.org, a blue-colored mascot will be the Olympic mascot while a pink-colored one will be the Paralympic mascot.

On the site, the Olympic mascot is described as:

A character that embodies both old tradition and new innovation. The Mascot has an old-fashioned charm that reflects tradition and also has a high-tech, cutting-edge vibe. It has a strong sense of justice and is very athletic. The Mascot has a special power allowing it to move anywhere instantaneously.

Meanwhile, the Paralympic mascot is described as:

A cool character with cherry tactile sense and supernatural power. The Mascot is usually calm, however, it gets very powerful when needed. It has a dignified inner strength and a kind heart that loves nature. It can talk with stones and the wind. It can also move things by just looking at them.

The relationship between the two mascots was also defined.

The Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot have opposite personalities. However, they respect each other and they are very good friends. They both have a great spirit of hospitality. They always try their best to cheer and encourage everyone.

The names of the two mascots haven’t been decided yet.

In choosing the mascots, 16,769 schools joined in the voting. Tokyo 2020 Mascot voting for elementary school children ended on Thursday, February 22. The official launch of the Games Mascots is scheduled for summer 2018!

The role of the mascots will include communicating the Olympic and Paralympic spirit and contributing to the excitement of the Games during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, at Games venues and around town. The mascots will take their place in the illustrious history of Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots.

Choosing of mascots is a tradition in Olympic games. At the recent Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Soohorang was the official mascot. Soohorang resembled a white tiger closely associated with Korean mythology and culture.

In 2016, the Rio Olympic mascot was Vinicius, whose name was chosen as a tribute to Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes. Apparently, Vinicius was a combination of many Brazilian animals.

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