LOOK: This Vending Machine Pops Out Artwork Instead of Snacks

A hotel unveiled its lobby vending machine in June but you probably won’t find your favorite snacks inside of it.

This hotel in Little Italy, San Diego, USA partnered with an art gallery to present a vending machine group art exhibition. So instead of getting food, you get original artwork that could become yours with the press of a button, as reported by Pacific San Diego.

The gallery’s art director wanted guests to be able to take home a piece of the hotel with them that’s more than just a memory. It’s definitely a unique souvenir for your trip!

The art can range anywhere from $5 to $150 a piece and will be displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until November. Each art piece is part of the theme Correspondence and reflects local artists’ individual styles.

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Would you try this unique vending machine?


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