LOOK: This Online Shop Helps You Make All Kinds of Milkshakes Perfect For Summer!

injoy milkshakes

The summer season is fast approaching, which means we’ll need to stock up on refreshing beverages and snacks to keep us cool. There’s iced coffee, milk tea, ice cream, halo halo, but today, we’re making the case for milkshakes.

inJoy sells a wide range of powder milk drinks that you can turn into a milkshake at home. It’s simple to make. All you need to do is dissolve the product in water, add it to a slush machine, then serve and enjoy. If you don’t have a slush machine, you can add crushed ice to the mix and use a blender.

What’s great about inJoy is that you can use it as a business! Each 1kg pack of powder milk drink can make up to 20 12oz drinks. You can do that if you’re business-minded. If you’re like us, we’re just going to drink all 20 cups.

The best part? They’re on sale today on Lazada and they range from P128 to P155 only!

Here are some flavors that you can try this summer:

Mango Milkshake

inJoy Milkshake 3

If you’re in the mood for something local, try the mango milkshake! This tastes like the local ripe Philippine mango blended with milk. Buy the inJoy Mango Milkshake here.

Avocado Milkshake

inJoy Milkshake 1

If you’re in the mood for avocado, inJoy has got your back. This variant is supposed to taste like melted avocado ice cream. Buy the inJoy Avocado Milkshake here.

Ube Milkshake

inJoy Milkshake 6

Ube-be baby! What flavor is more Filipino than ube? This milkshake tastes like ube halaya. Buy the inJoy Ube Milkshake here.

Buco Pandan

inJoy Milkshake 4

Another well-loved Filipino flavor is buco pandan and you can have it in milkshake form. This variant taste like frozen buco pandan salad. Buy the inJoy Buco Pandan Milkshake here.

Choco Kisses

inJoy Milkshake 2

For a classic flavor that everyone will surely love, try the Choco Kisses! This one is a rich, creamy chocolate drink. Buy the inJoy Choco Kisses Milkshare here.

Cookies & Cream

inJoy Milkshake 5

Here’s another classic flavor: the Cookies & Cream! Buy the inJoy Cookies & Cream Milkshake here.

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