LOOK: This milk tea place torches their Crème Brulée milk tea–and it’s only 115 pesos!

Words and photos by Joshua Go


At first glance, Yoba would look like the usual milk tea place but upon tasting their drinks I could, in confidence, say that it definitely isn’t. It’s one of those hidden gems that people rarely come across.

The owners of Yoba are Annika and Alvin who are both milk tea lovers. They wanted to franchise a different milk tea place but it took a lot of requirements, so they decided to open their own milk tea place and that was honestly the right decision because they were able to create a milk tea better than others! Their milk tea was designed to meet Philippine standards. It’s much cheaper than other milk tea places from prices ranging from 85-115 pesos. It is also sweeter which is what Filipinos taste buds usually prefer.YOBA 2


Their menu is much more simplified than most milk tea places because there’s only one size, making it a little easier to make your decision when you’re there.

Their best-sellers are their Cream Cheese Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Crème Brulée, Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea, and Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie with ingredients imported from Taiwan.

I personally loved their Brown Sugar Crème Brulée the most. They torch the top of it, which makes for a great drink and an even better Instagram post.

They present the drink with the boba leaving trails of brown sugar on the side which makes the drink even look better.

Their regular pearl milk tea is just at the right sweetness level and the boba itself is soft and overall really delicious. Their Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie is one of their more unique drinks but if you love strawberry milkshake this tastes almost the same and I bet you’ll love it.


You can also order Yoba on apps such as foodpanda which is useful for those who live far or don’t wanna leave their house. Yoba, although new, definitely promises more bang for your buck with the quality they give you at an affordable price. It’s, in my opinion, truly one of the best boba places around the metro.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoba.ph/?ref=br_rs

Location: 1324 Filmore Street, Makati City (right beside Amber Makati)