LOOK: This Luxurious Bed & Breakfast Offers A Majestic View of the City

Staycations usually mean lounging around inside the comfy rooms of a hotel or vacation house, not really minding what’s outside. Staycations also usually mean that one can’t really stay away from responsibilities that are waiting in the city. Well, who says you can’t enjoy a quiet staycation with a taste of the beautiful outdoors while being near enough to your responsibilities?

Just in the hills east of Metro Manila sits a designer bed & breakfast that just might be your go-to destination for quick getaways. The Astley Residence is a private bed & breakfast in the Timberland Heights.

the astley residence 32

This beautifully designed 3-story residence currently has 2 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 3 people. Both rooms have access to the garden overlooking the city, plus comfy hammocks you can enjoy for those afternoon naps.

the astley residence 3The Sunset Room

astley residence 1 2The patio outside the rooms

While the rooms are super comfy and cozy, especially with the colorful flowers and green plants visible outside your windows, that isn’t even the best part.

the astley residence 10The living room

Going up to the top floor of the residence left us all in awe. The top floor housed the living room with 4 lazy boys and cable TV, plus the designer kitchen with complete equipment and massive refrigerator.

the astley residence 15The kitchen

While the comforts of the lazy boys were very enticing, we were instantly drawn to the astounding view of the city from the spacious view deck.

the astley residence 30The view in the afternoon on a cloudy day

The view deck offers a breathtaking view of the sunset on sunny days, but even if it’s a bit cloudy, you can still enjoy the twinkling lights from the city.

the astley residence 13The view of the city at night

The deck also offers lots of seating space–from beautiful rattan couches, two modern rattan rocking chairs, two dining sets, and a Southeast-Asian-inspired swing. If you want a little bit of serenity and a change of perspective, just find a spot on the view deck and enjoy!

the astley residence 18The view deck

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the astley residence 26The Filipino Breakfast

The Astley Residence doesn’t just offer a visual feast, their hearty breakfast is a feast that will fill your stomachs! You can choose from their Filipino, American, or healthy breakfast. And don’t worry about choosing which one has more–every one of those choices will get you filled up and ready for the day.

the astley residence 31The Healthy Breakfast

David Astley, the owner of the residence, shares with WhenInManila.com that he deliberately chooses to serve huge servings for breakfast because he knows the feeling of being disappointed by the breakfast meals served by actual hotels. He also advised us that many of his guests only eat snacks for lunch because of the hearty breakfast. And he was right! It felt like we only needed that one whole meal to power us through the day.

the astley residence 25Breakfast with a view!

Plus, breakfast is served in the view deck! That’s a food feast with an excellent visual feast.

the astley residence 17

the astley residence 7

There’s so much to enjoy at the residence itself, such as the quietness, the cooler breeze, the view, the sound of crickets and birds chirping (we actually saw bright colored birds flying around!). But if you’re looking for something more adventurous to do, there are also hiking trails, a waterfall, and ATV adventure tours just around the area. You can also have access to the Timberland Club for swimming or the spa.

the astley residence 6

This beautiful bed & breakfast definitely offers above and beyond your usual staycation, especially within the city! So, no need to look too far, nor wait for the next long weekend to get away from it all. Just book a stay at The Astley Residence and enjoy the calm in the midst of the storm.

astley residence 1

The Astley Residence

6 Peppermint St, Mandala 2, Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal