LOOK: This Jeepney Is Prettier Than All of Us

Last August 9, Twitter user @DALISAY posted photos of the most pimped-out, girly-fied jeepney the internet has ever seen. In their caption, the Twitter user said, “I just passed by the most magical girl jeep of all time. Please zoom in to see details.”

Netizens have shared the magical jeepney 13.6k times and have liked it 64k times. Adorning the jeepney is calligraphy art saying soft things like “girl power”, “mommy”, “pink roses”, and “tropang kyut”. There are also Barbie designs on the side while the whole exterior has been painted what I’d like to call “grade school pink”. If the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon were Filipino and used a jeep to travel around, this would be their jeep.

It also prompted them to share their own unique jeepney design experiences.

According to the original uploader, the bedazzled jeep goes around Tomas Morato, so keep an eye out!

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Have you spotted the magical pink jeepney? Share your stories with us!


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