LOOK: This Hotel in QC Will Give You The Luxury Staycation You Deserve

In this day and age of intense holiday traffic, staycations have become a real trend, especially for city-dwellers. It’s a well-known fact that every holiday season or long weekend, most of Metro Manila’s population would flock to the provinces. Which is why more people are starting to choose to stay in the city than go through the long travel and traffic.

Going for a staycation doesn’t mean you’d have less fun than those who travel. In fact, you might even have a more luxurious experience with the hotels in the city. One great choice would be Quezon City’s Luxent Hotel.

Luxent Hotel is a four-star hotel located along Timog Avenue, one of the busiest areas of Quezon City. Because its area is also the media center of the city, it is no surprise that local celebrities also frequent the hotel.

Lush Bar and Lounge

Stepping into the grand and tastefully-designed lobby instantly tells guests that Luxent Hotel is in the business of offering luxury and comfort in the city. The sophisticated atmosphere of the hotel’s interior will instantly transport you into an experience of grandeur that you can enjoy without leaving Metro Manila.

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Orange Chicken Rice Bowl from the Lush Bar and Lounge

The grand lobby also houses the Lush Bar and Lounge where you can enjoy delicious ala carte meals and drinks while you wait for check-in or have one last meal before checking out. Our tip: try the orange chicken rice bowl!

Garden Cafe

Continuing on with the topic of food, the Garden Cafe offers a buffet breakfast with a wide variety of items and a gastronomic dinner buffet. If you’re in for a food-centric staycation, you can definitely enjoy that here.

While the delicious food options are enough to make an enjoyable staycation experience at Luxent, their upscale and massive rooms will take it to a whole other level. The variety in their rooms makes it easier to choose the perfect fit for your family and friends.

Premier King Room

If you’re really looking at indulging yourself with a sophisticated staycation experience, you can choose one of the more spacious Premier Rooms which are situated in their own Premier Wing.

Luxent Suite (Photos courtesy of Luxent Hotel)

But if you really want to treat yourself with a staycation of true luxury, you may opt to book the Luxent Suite which has two master bedrooms (both with king-sized beds!), a living and dining room, and a private Jacuzzi! Every corner of the suite is also elegantly and regally designed—perfect for an Instagrammable staycation.

The Pool

Luxent Hotel offers a beautiful experience right from the comforts of your own room, but the experience doesn’t end there. They also have complete amenities. From function rooms, a fully-equipped gym, an infinity pool overlooking the Quezon City skyline—they’ve got the works!

If you’re just exhausted with having to brave through the traffic all the time and you actually want to take a vacation from traffic itself, treat yourself to a delightful staycation experience that will give you the luxury you deserve. With Luxent Hotel, you don’t have to go far to treat yourself.

Luxent Hotel

51 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City

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