LOOK: This Dapper Lolo At The MRT Wins Best Dressed

When in Manila, streetstyle isn’t dead! Or at least this one commuting lolo proves otherwise.

Spotted at the MRT, this dapper lolo puts shoddy millennial dressing to shame! Dressed in a sharp full suit with vintage shades and a hat, he looks effortlessly chic as he does his daily commute.

Really, guys. This lolo puts all of us to shame. This just proves that fashion knows no age limit.

Source: Didi Ocenar

Full Text:

Every single day this pimp-ass lolo rides the MRT looking like he stepped out of a 50s fashion mag 

Stay ???? fam

EDIT: Feeling ko masaya siya i-interview. If anyone can provide me with a way to contact him, that’d be great. 

Otherwise tropahin ko na lang next time I see him

Admittedly, this lolo really does dress better than most of us. He is looking sharp! What do you think? I am totally dressing up more when I go outside starting now.


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