LOOK: This Boracay Beach Has Power Outlets and WiFi So You Can Work From the Beach

Imagine this: It’s another day of work, answering emails, taking online meetings, brainstorming in work group chats. But instead of using a virtual beach backdrop in Zoom, this time, you don’t need one…because you’re actually on a beach.

Sounds like a dream right? And yet it’s now very much possible. And not just on any beach, but on one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches—Boracay.

So if you’re a remote worker and have been dreaming of relocating to a beautiful island, this is your sign. Boracay Newcoast has made it all possible so digital nomads and work-from-home peeps can work remotely in paradise. Boracay Newcoast beach is equipped with high-speed wifi and power outlets stationed next to comfortable lounge chairs so you can enjoy a no-hassle work session right there on the beach.

Boracay Newcoast Beach cover

Nearby is the boardwalk, where tents are occupied by merchants ready to provide you with delicious food, snacks, and refreshments to truly spoil you on your “workcation.” You can indulge in a mouth-watering seafood boodle feast by Sugba de Boracay, which features all the yummiest seafood from scallops to shrimp, crabs, and even lobster! Another merchant, Sizzling 99, offers classic comfort food that we imagine would be great to pair with ice-cold beer. Try its pork ribs, sisig, chicken wings, or the crispy pata. And then there’s Samalamig which offers Pinoy favorite refreshments and snacks like fish balls, kikiam, kwek-kwek, and puto.

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The Boracay Newcoast beach bar can also be found close by, providing you with your much-needed end-of-work drinks and cocktails (or during work—we don’t judge!).

And the good news is, access is not exclusive to Boracay Newcoast guests—everyone is welcome! There’s no entrance fee to the beach either, and the use of wifi and charging stations are all free of charge. Amazing, right?

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Boracay Newcoast is located in the northeastern part of the island, around 15 minutes away from White Beach, Boracay’s main beach.

The Boracay Newcoast Township

If you prefer to stay right at Boracay Newcoast, there are two hotels there: Belmont Hotel and Savoy Hotel. Soon, a third hotel will rise on the property—Chancellor Hotel, which is already in construction. Once completed, there will be a total of 1,500 rooms ready to accommodate guests at Boracay Newcoast.

For remote workers looking to relocate to Boracay, Boracay Newcoast offers special work-from–the-beach packages. There are weekly and monthly packages—and of course, the longer you stay, the bigger the discounts.

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But here’s the thing. A massive 150-hectare property, Boracay Newcoast is much more than just a work- and holiday-friendly destination. Boracay Newcoast is its own town and the first master planned township in Boracay. So if living by the beach is your ultimate dream, you can fulfill that dream here, too.

Within this expansive township are amenities and structures that make Boracay Newcoast the ultimate spot for island-living: mid-rise residential condominiums and a village with titled lots, allowing you to actually own a piece of paradise.

DSC02234 14

At the front of the property, facing the beach, is a lovely promenade that will soon be lined with boutiques and shops for all your shopping and dining pleasures. Already within the property is also a 7-Eleven for late-night snacks and essentials.

Also nearing completion within Boracay Newcoast is a 1,200 pax convention tent for hosting events, business conferences, concerts, and even weddings. Plans to build a supermarket and a medical center are also set, making Boracay Newcoast a self-sustainable township. Everything you’ll need, whether for work, vacation, and living would be accessible within. Plus, with its 24-hour security, CCTV system, and guarded gates, you’ll never have to feel unsafe within the property. Boracay Newcoast has been in development for the past 10 years by Global Estates Resorts Inc.—a Megaworld subsidiary.

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Another thing to love about Boracay Newcoast is its a sustainable community. The town has its own sewage treatment plant, which existed even before Boracay was shut down in 2018 for a eco clean-up. The property also follows the “25 plus 5 meter” rule, which requires that distance between commercial establishments and the beach. All lampposts within Boracay Newcoast are LED and solar-powered, while eco-friendly e-bikes are available for rent.

Whatever you go to Boracay for, whether for work, vacation, or relocation, Boracay Newcoast has all the amenities to help you feel truly comfortable in paradise.

See more about Boracay Newcoast through our video below!

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