LOOK: This Artist Re-Imagines Some Of The Country’s Most Pressing Issues With Puns And Wit

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of issues that the world is facing right now. Along with this, we have our own country’s issues to think about.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about the reality of society’s condition. Yet some people know that these issues aren’t meant to be ignored, but faced head-on.

Artist Brent Sabas uses his skills and talents in order to remind people of the reality that goes on outside of the seemingly ‘perfect’ lives on people on social media.

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He recently published a series of his digital artworks on his Facebook account. He named the album ‘PhiliPAINS’ and writes in the caption: ‘Tapos na ang Mahal na Araw, pero ang totoo all-year round ang penitensiya ng mga Pinoy.

In the works, he focuses on different issues such as fake news and the unending traffic.

He uses puns and witty reimaginations of these issues that allow them to grab a spectator’s attention and instantly make a point.

Check them out below:


Dahil dinaig ng EDSA ang Kalye-serye
at 26 seasons ng Daisy Siete.


Walang sarap sa biyahe kapag kahalikan na ang katabi mong kili-kili.


Sipsipin, simsimin mga kasinungalingan niya’t lagim.


Ang buhay ay bilog. Minsan buhay ka. Minsan babarilin kang tulog.

Brent shares that an artist friend once told him that artists are capable of creating beyond pretty stuff. Since then, he tried to come up with works that will have great social impact.

With these recent artworks, I think he succeeded with that.

What did you think of these works? Share it with us below!

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