LOOK: This artist makes illustrations of characters based off food!

Patricia Sampedro, known on Instagram as @pat.sketches, illustrates girls inspired by different kinds of food! They’re cute, funny, and witty–and we love them so much. She personally calls it “foodie but make it fashion” and we couldn’t agree more.

The girls she draws are cute, representative of the food they’re inspired by, and very very clever.


Patricia only started posting her drawings on Instagram last year but drawing has been a passion of hers ever since she was a pre-schooler. Grow that talent young! She avidly watched cartoons and Disney and was inspired by them to do her own illustration work. Fun fact: She hopes to work for Disney full-time someday.

Her drawings are inspired by what she craves or what food she encounters.

And we think they’re all so smart and clever.



We’re seeing big things in the future for this artist! Keep up the good work, Pat!

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