LOOK: These Scented Candles Reveal Secret Messages When Lit

I am so in love with scented candles. I think it’s great how they can instantly change the atmosphere through the scents that fill up the room. Add to that the cozy ambience thanks to the warm glow of the flame, and it can easily make any space more comfortable and warm.

As if we needed any more reasons to love scented candles, now you can get loving messages from them, too!

message candle 1

Photo from Shopee

These scented candles from Shopee have hidden messages inside them.

Just under a layer of wax, there are letter beads that spell out short messages. So, after you light up the candle for a few hours, the message is revealed!

It adds such a magical experience to something as mundane as lighting up a scented candle.

These candles are also great for gifts and surprises. You can choose the hidden message (up to only a few short words to make sure it fits), then have the candle sent to your chosen recipient.

It’s an awesome way to let your loved ones know how you feel while letting them relax with a scented candle.

Buy this scented candle with hidden messages here!

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