LOOK: These Mismatched Sneakers are Perfect KOTD When You Watch Toy Story 4

Who says toys are only for kids? It seems like there’s a new collection that sneakerheads can play with. Just recently, a famous shoe brand released sneakers that are Toy Story-inspired. Just in time for the showing of Toy Story 4 in cinemas!

What’s unique about this collaboration is that it features a mismatched pair. Yes, the left shoe and the right shoe differ in design with one side inspired by Buzz Lightyear and the other inspired by Woody.

The left side is in honor of Buzz Lightyear. It has a white base with accents of green, purple, and red just like the astronaut action figure’s space suit. It also has a bright red pump button that resembles Buzz’s laser beam.

On the other hand (foot), Woody’s side is covered in blue and yellow. The side panels are dressed in cow prints like his vest. Lastly, the pattern of its inner lining was inspired by his cowboy shirt.

Reports say that this collection will be very limited. This pair is the perfect KOTD when you go to the cinema to watch Toy Story 4!

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