WATCH: Toy Story 4’s trailer hits the perfect notes of nostalgia

I have to admit when I first heard that there would be a fourth Toy Story film, I wasn’t exactly happy with the idea. I thought that Toy Story 3 had ended the franchise in the perfect way and just like Andy, it was our time to move on. But the teasers and promos that Pixar has been releasing the past few months for the upcoming movie surprised me. They actually looked…good. Similarly, this new trailer shows that Toy Story 4 has a lot of potential.

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However, opinion on the trailer is very divided in the comments section. There are those who say it looks just as good as the previous 3 movies, while others say it looks like Pixar is just milking the franchise. The peak that the trailer gives us into the plot does seem quite similar to its predecessors but I think we can hold judgment on that until the movie actually comes out.

I’m personally hoping that the similarities are more of a parallel then a derivation, to show how much Woody has changed. I might also be hoping that this time, Woody chooses not to return…

What did you think of the trailer?