LOOK: These Drop Tested Phone Cases Are Perfect For Your Adventures!

I have to be honest, I drop my phone A LOT and since my phone has all my work I can’t afford to have it broken. I’ve accepted the fact that I have to get a reliable phone case and screen protector to help me protect my phone.

I’ve been using Otterbox for more than 6 years now and no matter how many times (and how high) I drop it, my phone never gets broken.

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Otterbox recently launched their REACT and SYMMETRY series that are available for both iPhones and Android phones.

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Since the Samsung S22 Ultra is new, we’ve been having a hard time looking for a reliable case for it. Luckily, Otterbox has them from the SYMMETRY series and is available in clear, purple, and black.


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If you have an iPhone, there are also Otterbox cases that you can purchase. What we are using now is the new react series. The drop-tested iPhone13 react case is ultra-thin and is wireless charging compatible.


What we loved about it is the hard case but a soft grip making it easier to hold and not slip from your hands.

To protect your screens and phone camera, the edges are raised. Unlike the other drop-proof cases, they react series are also easier to put in and off.


If you drop your phone as often as I do, you can also get an alpha glass screen protector. It has antimicrobial technology, and anti-shatter, and is ultra-thin to keep your phone sleek. It also uses fortified tempered glass that doesn’t get easily scratched or nicked.

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