LOOK: These Are Sugar, Salt and Fat Free Breads

If you’ve ever stood outside a bakery in the early morning, you will know how comforting the smell of freshly-baked bread is. Freshly-baked bread smells like home. Breaking still-warm bread and putting a piece in your mouth is one of the best gustatory experiences ever.

For some, however, bread isn’t always an option especially for those managing their weight and health. That is why wholesale ingredients distributor Cusinex Corp., came up with the idea of Cusinex Baked—a wholesale and retail bakery that can supply high-quality bread with lower sugar and fat content to homes, establishments, and institutions.

It all started when Cusinex Corp. Chief Operating Officer Miko Peña looked at the possibility of baking bread for his diabetic mom. Bread is often high in fat and sugar, so people with diabetes try to avoid it. Many commercially available bread is high in sugar and saturated fats.

But whole-grain bread with high-fiber ingredients, such as whole wheat flour and rye flour, are good options for people with diabetes.

Focaccia 1

“The focaccia bread instantly became popular with friends. It is tasty and flavorful but low in sugar (80% lower) and salt and uses EVOO as a source of fat,” said Peña.

Before venturing into wholesale, Cusinex Baked started selling in the Viber group in the village where Peña lives, and then, they started getting bigger orders when friends who liked the bread would refer them to their other friends.

Cusinex Baked has two main product lines right now.

The Healthy Artisan line includes bread that is free from sugar, salt, and fats. They’re also preservative-free. Meanwhile, the Pinoy Classic line includes favorites like pan de sal baked with premium ingredients, including real butter, ube and raisins.

Raisin Bread 2

“We don’t scrimp on ingredients and use only the best and the freshest,” said Peña.

Cusinex Baked’s offerings include focaccia, rye and walnut bread, coffee buns, raisin bread, turmeric rolls, ube twist, and so many others. They also custom-bake orders for restaurants.

Coffee Bun 1

Peña said they are doing research and development with new products. In the planning stage are decadent desserts.

“As stores are opening back up there is a wave of new cafes and small restaurants that are potential clients. We are looking for ways to tap into them.”

Orders and inquiries can be made at 0917-526-0082.

Pick-up location is BF Homes, Paranaque. Payment can be made via bank deposit (BPI and Metrobank), coins.ph, Paymaya GCash and coins.ph.