LOOK: These Are Korean-Inspired OOTD’s for Your Baby

OOTD’s for your baby is now easy and now that Lazada is on sale, we listed down some of our favorite Korean-inspired OOTD’s.


Rainbow Fashion Princess Dress

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This cute rainbow dress is perfect for your baby especially if they dream of being a rainbow princess. The long sleeves will keep them warm while the skirt part of the dress is fun to finish off the look.

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Floral Dress

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This summer dress is perfect for your baby whether just for ootd’s or if for a stroll at the park.

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Athletic Chic Dress

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If you want something more sporty, this cute dress is the one for you.

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Black Swan Dress

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If you are a big fan of the black swan, you can now dress your baby with this black swan-inspired ootd.

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Boho Dress

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This boho-inspired dress is perfect to be worn as is with some denim pants.

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