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Words by John Peter Himor

Imagine this: it’s petsa de peligro, and payday seems so far away. Your refrigerator needs restocking of groceries and you want to eat something substantial for a change, but you can’t do either because your wallet just won’t let you. What can you do? You can’t borrow from the bank because the paperwork would take too long and be too much of a hassle. You can’t borrow from your friends because you still have unpaid utang and, just like you, they may be struggling with petsa de peligro as well.

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Tala is a convenient money lending service right at your fingertips!

Thankfully, there’s Tala Philippines, a money lending app to help you get through those challenging times. Tala is a convenient and reliable financial service where you can apply for a cash loan up to as much as P10,000 wherever and whenever. With just a few clicks in the app’s user-friendly interface, your loan can be approved in under 10 minutes and transferred to your bank account or redeemed in padala centers in just around 24 hours!

Navigate your way through a fast and convenient loan using Tala’s clean and user-friendly interface. 

Low on cash and need to pay your bills this coming week? Don’t worry because easy loans with the Tala app are available right at your fingertips. Starting your secure financial relationship with Tala is no hassle and will literally just take you minutes to accomplish. Skip the heavy paperwork in traditional bank financial aids, as Tala only requires a government-issued ID for the quick creation and activation of your Tala account.

After creating your Tala account, you can select the amount you wish to loan (from P1,000 to P10,000), the duration of your repayment, and your preferred method of cashing out (through a bank account, coins.ph account, or through padala centers like Palawan Express). Once your loan is approved, it will take just about 24 hours before you can easily redeem your loan.

Tala is always available to help you in times of need and in building financial security. 

Tala also offers a competitive interest rate and a convenient way of repayment. As per the time of writing, Tala sets their interest rate to two options: 11% for a weekly payment within 21 days, or 15% for payment in full within 30 days. Payment may be done through payment centers like Cebuana Lhuiller and M Lhuiller, through coins.ph, or through 7-Eleven. If you repeatedly repay your loans on time, you can also avail of higher loan limits over time for a better loan relationship with Tala!

Tala is your reliable partner in finance. 

Tala Philippines is your new money lending app you can always rely on. With the overall convenience it provides and its easy and secure loaning process, Tala truly changes the way we treat our loans. Whether it is to pay your bills, to buy some groceries, or just to help you get through petsa de peligro, Tala is your dependable hiraman companion.

Tala is available on Google Play.

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