LOOK: Student Gets Motivational Quotes from Fast Food Chain for Her Exams

Studying, especially for an exam, can be a bit daunting. So, to get her through her midterm exams, Grade 11 student Mickey Martinez came up with a brilliant idea—to have some food delivered with a motivational quote.

Using online delivery, Martinez decided to put her idea into action. At the bottom of the order form, where people usually type in some special requests, she wrote the unusual request. She asked for a message that will motivate her to study for her midterm exams, and, guess what, the fast food chain’s express delivery service happily obliged.

Check out her special request below.

Jollibee Delivery Special Request

Soon after, her order arrived with a set of notes from the fast food chain’s crew.

Jollibee Motivational Quote 2

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success,” one of the notes says.

Jollibee Motivational Quote 3

“Pray first, ate Mickey. Kaya mo yan. Para sa amin pasado ka na (You can do it. For us, you already passed),” the other note says.

Jollibee Motivational Quote 1

And there’s also one that says “rock the test” with hashtag “fighting.”

The official Twitter account of the fast food chain gave some encouraging message to her, as well.

Martinez, who’s currently studying at the University of Asia and the Pacific, posted the photos on Twitter. As of writing, the viral tweet has already gotten about 64 thousand likes and 11 thousand retweets.

We reached out to her to find out if she passed her exam.

“Yeah, I think I did,” she hopefully shared with a laugh. “I kind of put the special request for a motivational quote as a joke, but when they really did it, it actually motivated me.”

We hope you passed your exams, too, Mickey. Good luck on your studies!

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