LOOK: Stephen Amell (aka Green Arrow) Posts About ‘Alyas Robin Hood’

After I posted this article on Dingdong Dantes as Robin Hood, a lot of people commented on it saying that it was a rip-off of ‘Arrow’. Someone even sent some fanmade posters to us to showcase the similarities of Dingdong Dantes as Robin Hood and Stephen Amell as Green Arrow (though we have now removed the fan art from this article to avoid any confusion).

Well, it seems like even Stephen Amell himself has taken notice of the uncanny similarities as he posted this on his official Facebook page just an hour ago:

Stephen Amell Alyas Robin Hood

On it, he doesn’t even say anything; instead, he simply leaves an astonished looking emoji in the caption. :p What are your thoughts on ‘Alyas Robin Hood’?