LOOK: Starving and Abandoned Chow Chow is Finally Rescued in Las Piñas

Pure breed dogs also get abandoned and end up as strays, contrary to popular opinion. The animal welfare organization I volunteer in has rescued quite a number of pure breeds, including Cocker Spaniel, Siberian Husky, Dalmatians, Shitzu, French Bulldog, and Chow Chow, over the years. Only, they look nowhere near Instagram perfection when we find them on the street. They look like any other poor stray–sickly, starving, and miserable.

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How did they become strays? Maybe they got lost or abandoned because they got sick. Sadly, the world has many irresponsible pet owners who lose excitement over a pet once that pet is no longer a puppy or gets sick. Maybe you know of some. These pet owners have a host of excuses why they no longer wish to take care of their pets.

Maybe I will write about these excuses soon and you be the judge whether these excuses are valid or not.

For now, I am sharing with you the story of one such poor pup who ended up in Las Piñas. Animal rescuer Luzviminda Anne Santos Morales received a report of an emaciated Chow Chow roaming the streets. She immediately shared it with her network to organize a rescue. 


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Thankfully, one animal lover was in the area and immediately drove to the dog’s location to pick him up. She named him Chow-wei.

At the vet, Chow-wei tested positive for Demodex Mange. What’s left of his fur was matted and he had wounds all over his body. He was just skin and bones. How long has he been on streets, starving and sick? The rescuer was in tears upon realizing the extent of Chow-wei’s condition.

This means that it is not the end of the road for Chow-wei yet.

He has to receive medical treatment so he will become healthy again.

Chow-wei needs your support! Animal rescuers cannot shoulder all the expenses from their rescues or they will break under the burden. They also need us.

Please share in Chow-wei’s medical expenses. You may contribute directly to the vet clinic.

Petmobile BF Parañaque
Rhoda B. Baquiran
Chinabank Account # 234 005841 9

Please make sure you communicate with the rescuer for proper accounting of donations. Click this link to get in touch.

Let’s all pitch in for Chow-wei! Share your thoughts below!

Update as of 31 January 2018 – Chow Wei is on the road to recovery! His rescuer, Carina Noralyn Suarez, says the pup is now dewormed and his stool is looking better.

His skin is still red, though, with traces of irritation. He also has digestive issues that Carina and the vet are monitoring.

Carina Suarez and Chow Wei, rescued dog

Please pray for his complete healing and rehabilitation. In time we will be looking for his forever home, where he will be taken care of and loved to his last days.

Carina would like to thank everyone who helped, especially the original reporter and those who donated to the pup’s veterinary care.

She has settled the remaining bills. The fundraising is now closed.