HEARTBREAKING: It’s a Cold Christmas for Over 200 Pasig Pets This Year

My heart feels like it’s breaking. Over 200 pets, both pups and kitties, are now homeless when their families living along the Mangahan Floodway were forced to leave them behind after a demolition. These pets are starving and in danger of getting run over, picked up by the city pound, or getting sick from exposure to the elements.

Thankfully, a few concerned citizens living nearby found out about their plight and posted about it. One or two have volunteered to feed as many pets as they can. But these heroes need help. A few citizens cannot feed all 200 pets on a daily basis.

Here is their call for help.

The pets can be found along Eastbank Road in Brgy. Sta Lucia, Pasig City, starting at Javier Bridge to One Oasis.

The volunteers need pet food, cages or carriers, leashes, help with transporting pets to adopters, and people to adopt or foster the pets. Please contact the reporter to coordinate. Or you can donate directly to the We Care Animal Shelter and Philippine Pet Birth Control Center, which offered to shelter and spay/neuter some of the pets.

Get updates on the situation here.

Over 200 Pasig Pets are waiting in vain for their families Over 200 Pasig Pets are waiting in vain for their families

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This Christmas, let us share some of our blessings to give the gift of life to our beloved animal companions. The abandoned Pasig pets need us! Let’s save them, please. Together, we can.

Photo Sources: Pasig Abandoned Strays Facebook and Luzviminda Anne Santos Morales

How can we solve the stray pet population in the country? Share your thoughts with us!

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