LOOK: Some of those apps on Black Mirror actually exist…here’s how you can use them!

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror: Bandersnatch yet, then all you need to know is that it is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of movie. This means that there are multiple endings. Five, to be exact. We’ve previously talked about how you can get to each ending in another article. One of those endings even has an easter egg.

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This particular secret ending revealed a code which leads the viewer to the Tuckersoft website, which is the video game company in “Bandersnatch”. Exploring the site can lead you to a ‘history’ page. This displays the different games mentioned throughout the film. It even includes Bandersnatch, with a “canceled” banner across it. You can check the site out here.

There are also two pages for the games it fictionally produced: Nohzdyve (pronounced Nose Dive), and Metl Hed. The Metl Hed tab just leads to a description of the game. Nohzdyve, however, actually has a playable version of the game. You can play it by downloading an emulator to run the file!

But that’s not all! Advertisements on the Tuckersoft website are actually for apps that we’ve seen across different Black Mirror episodes. The first is the infamous rating system of “Nose Dive”, called “RateMe”. This was the episode where society turned into a status-obsessed reality through the help of an app which lets you ‘rate’ anyone and everyone.

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The website allows you to either check your own rating or to rate a friend. To do the former, just put in your name or username for any social media account. For the latter, all you’ll need is your friend’s name or username to search them up. You can visit RateMe here.

The last (at least, that I’ve found) is a website for the dating app from “Hang the DJ”. This episode centered around a dating program which matched certain people together then gave the couple their expiration date. Like all dating sites, it was meant to predict a couple’s compatibility — just on a whole other level than what’s usual.

To use the program’s predictive ability, you will (unfortunately) already need a partner or friend to try it with you. The site gives you a link to share with someone, and you two will have to test it together. Take note that you should both be on the website at the same time because you will need to ‘tap’ it together to reveal your expiration date. Visit the site here!

I’ve played around with the different websites enough to know how fun they are. I actually hope they catch on so they get a real following. A part of me knows that the point of these very episodes in the first place was to talk about how this kind of technology can be harmful, but for now, it’s just for fun right?

What other technology from the Black Mirror episodes would you like to see in real life? Drop a comment below! 


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