LOOK: Some of the Most Striking Comments on the Gretchen Diez Incident

Disclaimer: The following opinions do not reflect the author’s or When In Manila’s views.

On August 13, trans woman Gretchen Diez was forcibly removed from an establishment’s ladies’ room because the custodial staff insisted that she use the men’s room. This sparked a conversation about the SOGIE Equality and Anti-Discrimination bills and people have been sharing their opinions online. We’ve gathered what people had to say and here’s what we found:

9. Some people don’t feel like it’s right for trans people to enter restrooms of the gender they identify with.

8. Others fear that cis men would take advantage of this and harass women.

7. This user proposes for establishments to create “gender-neutral” restrooms.

6. Meanwhile, this user shared their ‘experience’.

5. Some are insistent that male-born trans people can’t be “real” women.

4. Others were outraged by what the custodial staff did to Gretchen.

3. The SOGIE Equality bill has become a hot topic.

2. People want to fight for Gretchen even when she has already accepted the staff member’s apology.

1. In the end, a lot of people are calling for more inclusivity.

As with any case like this, there will be naysayers and supporters. We hope that this opens a dialogue between the two parties and that empathy and compassion emerge as triumphant in the end.

What are your opinions on the matter? Share them with us.


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