LOOK: These Shirts are Water-Resistant, Mosquito-Proof, and Odor-proof

Article by Denise Nicole Uy, Elena Salazar, Denisse Erin Co, and Paolo Pareno

We are big fans cool, new, and innovative ideas. So when we heard of these cool shirts that could resist water, shoo away mosquitoes, and keep you smelling nice; we just couldn’t resist getting some of our own!

These shirts are super practical for everyday life – and not just when you’re being active, either! As everyone used to our weather knows by now, we really have to be prepared for humidity… and the onslaught of mosquitoes… and the sudden rain during the rainy season!

Lotus 7

As someone who always forgets her umbrella and can’t remember where she last put it, it’s always a surprise for me when it rains. I didn’t think it was possible, but water resistant shirts are actually a thing; and as someone who sweats easily, a shirt like that sounds like a dream. Now, it’s a dream come true.


Can you imagine living without worrying a damp sweaty shirt anymore? We’re all pretty used to dressing for our very impractical weather more or less. I usually go for something light and comfortable and then just wear a jacket on top, you know, just in case. But the Lotus EverDry shirt is much better because water just glides off of it!

I don’t know about you, but I felt like Hannah Montana’s dad in that episode where he was delighted by HIS waterproof shirt and kept spilling water on his arm in amazement.


Elena, however, decided to go for the Lotus BiteFree shirt, the shirt that repels mosquitoes! There are a lot of mosquitoes in our country. If you’re the type who’s very conscious of wearing mosquito repellent stickers or lotion, then this is the shirt for you!

Did you know that there is even an increase in mosquitos as it gets hotter? Get one of these shirts and you can avoid dengue and unsightly bites on a daily basis.

Lotus 4

After a long day out, it’s inevitable that we end up sweatier and more tired than in the morning. We all hate that sweaty sticky feeling, but we also hate the smell that sometimes comes with it. Hey, there’s no shame in sweating. It’s a normal bodily function after all! But if you’d like to smell sweet as a daisy all day, then you should opt for an outfit that will keep you fresh all day.

With a Lotus StayFresh shirt, the heat won’t bother you as much because you know you won’t have to worry about packing an extra shirt or worry about what the person next to you in the train will think!


You don’t have to be off adventuring to benefit from these awesome practical shirts. Whether it’s your daily commute (now, that is an adventure!) or a day out in a park, why not wear something practical and cute that will benefit you largely at the same time?

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