LOOK: Scarlet Snow Belo wears Gucci dress and bag

If you’re a Scarlet Snow fan, then you must have watched her Gucci bag raid on Instagram.

In this little darling’s post on her page last June 1, Scarlet showed us what’s inside her Gucci handbag. She was also strutting a pink tulle dress from Gucci too! Yup, this baby is fab.


As Dra. Vicki Belo records the video, she asked Scarlet what she was carrying in her handbag. The little girl carefully took out one by one — her baby wipes, brush. handkerchief, and two colognes! Adorbs, right?

But if you must know… This IG post sparked a discussion on kids using expensive brands. Some netizens were bothered and some just think it’s cute. With all the commotion on the post, Scarlet Snow’s dad, Hayden Kho, felt the need to join the conversation.

Interesting discussion going on here. Here’s what I think: I think it’s important that we don’t make a big deal about brands. Expensive brands and cheap brands are both impostors of the same kind in the sense that both tries to communicate to others the value of a person wearing it— which is wrong. One’s identity is NOT anchored on the brand of clothing he/she wears. Meaning, whether you wear an expensive brand or a cheap brand, or you see someone wear expensive brands or cheap brands, drop the attachment to it. That says nothing about their true identity and significance. They’re both clothes and nothing else. In the case of Scarlet, to be honest we rarely buy her clothes. She has generous fans on IG who sends her clothes which we then post to thank them. The dress and bag she’s wearing here is from her tita @alicegeduardo which we also posted to thank her. Let those who have ears hear.

Some netizens agreed with Kho. They even replied that they don’t even need to explain themselves to the public.

What are your thoughts on Scarlet Snow’s Gucci ensembles? Share them in the comments below!