LOOK: Puppy With Braces Goes Viral!

Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen?!

This puppy just perfectly captured that cute awkwardness some of us have had when we were younger and had to wear braces.

Wesley puppy

The braces this cutie pie has on though, isn’t for show. Meet Wesley, a six-month-old golden retriever! Like all happy puppies, he is in his teething phase. But when his adult teeth started to grow, they were popping up in the wrong places, making Wesley unable to close his mouth fully.

Wesley puppy dog braces

His owner, Molly, was concerned that her pup wasn’t eating well and was getting lethargic. Fortunately, her father, a specialist in veterinary dentistry came up with the genius idea of putting braces on him!

Unlike most of us who have had to wear braces for a few years, Wesley’s only putting his on for a few weeks, though.

How cute!

Image Credit: Harborfront Hospital For Animals Facebook page