LOOK: People get creative with their bouquets this Valentine’s day

We recently wrote about how it feels like flower bouquets have become so common (and expensive!), especially during Valentine’s day. While it’s still a very sweet gesture, it might not be the best gift to get just anyone. Some people don’t like flowers, some are allergic, and some just want to see something new.

But it seems like we spoke too soon. It looks like more and more people are leaving behind flowers to focus on novel ideas for their bouquets. As soon as we posted about a grocery bouquet, our readers started sending us some of their most ‘unique’ bouquets. Check them out below!

10. Rice

Lorein and Aiji both received sacks of rice from their significant other’s. Aiji’s boyfriend, Arnel, even sent this 25kg sack of rice all the way from Bohol to Manila!

9. Coffee & Creamer

Alyssa’s bouquet to her tita is perfect for the caffeine-obsessed:

8. Sweets

Mitch and Geraldine had bouquets that are a dream come true for any sweet-tooth (myself included):

7. Necessities

Geraldine also shared another kind of bouquet she’s made, this time with practicality in mind:

6. ‘School’ materials

This Medtech student was gifted a bouquet with a different set of essentials in mind:

5. Hotdogs with marshmallows

Nancy talked about once getting a bouquet of barbeque hot dogs, “kids party style”:

4. Alternative ‘flowers’

None of that was quite as “heartstopping” as Tush’s bouquet of chicharon bulaklak. She shares that after 13 years together, regular flowers had gotten a bit boring.

3. Junk food

In the same category is this collection of fast food and desserts from Dee Dee. To any haters out there who are going to complain about how unhealthy this is — we want a good life, not a long one (jk!).

2. Veggies

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Tina’s kale bouquet. She actually gifted this to herself and we are loving it! Valentine’s day is as much about self-love as it is any other kind of love.

1. Fish and produce

Last but definitely not least is this “fresh” bouquet:

(This woman was pulled over by a traffic enforcer…to get a Valentine’s surprise)

Got any unique bouquets of your own? Share them with us in the comments! 


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