LOOK: PAL Voice Actor Who Went Viral Now Has an ASMR Podcast–and You’ll Love It

Written by Jenna Wang

Finding it harder and harder to relax and fall asleep? As the extended community quarantine comes to an end and we find ourselves going back to work in the “new normal,” being well-rested is more important now than ever. Luckily, Inka Magnaye’s new ASMR podcast called “Sleeping Pill with Inka” might be able to help us with just that.

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With a few episodes already available on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, and Stitcher, the podcast is aimed to help those having difficulty falling asleep. Gaining a better experience with earphones, you can now rest your eyes to the soothing voice of Inka as she reads you poems or short stories in both English and Filipino.  “I do my best to produce content that’ll help put your mind at ease, especially now,” Inka explains on “It’s the Roundtable” podcast.

If the current situation has given you anxiety, it might just be your thing. With calming content, Inka is sure to greet you as you go to bed just as she is likely to greet you “mabuhay!” when you board a plane again someday.

“Sleeping with Inka” currently has three episodes online and had even topped Spotify charts when first released. If you’re dealing with any sleeping issues or just love ASMR, It would be ill-advised to not give this podcast a listen!

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