LOOK: Our Most Favorite Cosplays from Best of Anime 2018

Written by Joseph Cesar
Photos by Ian Esteves 

Best of Anime 2018 has come to a close. The two-day event for anime-lovers was filled with fun activities, games, quiz shows, cosplay events, battle of the bands, and so much more! SMX Convention Center, where the conference was held, was swamped with booths filled with anime goodies of all kinds. But most of all, the place was filled with extraordinary anime enthusiasts in their amazing costumes—cosplayers.

Cosplaying is no joke. Aside from the fact that it can be costly, dressing up like your favorite anime characters require passion, patience, and a lot of determination. This means fully committing to the role they choose to take. It’s definitely a lot more difficult than it seems, and it’s only right to acknowledge the efforts of these cosplayers. With that, here are some of the cosplays at Best of Anime 2018 that made us go: “Wow!”

IMG 2963 1


5. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)


For those who haven’t seen it, Mirai Nikki is an interesting anime with a lot of twists and turns. One of the main things that make it interesting is Yuno Gasai…for reasons. Her creepy, obsessive, yet surprisingly caring characteristics are seen in the cosplay. Of course the wig, the uniform, and the contact lenses allow her to be distinguishable from all the other “school girls” but I think the biggest thing that makes her stand out and distinguishable is her sharp knife…

4. Ingenium (Boku No Hero Academia)


From an anime that we all know and love, Boku no Hero Academia, Tensei and his younger brother, Tenya, made an appearance at the Best of Anime 2018. Tenya with his turbo powered legs and Tensei fully decked out. It was a pleasure to see the brothers side by side once again as they fight evil! Tensei’s outfit was just so cool! From the helmet, to the turbo boots—it’s no wonder his younger brother looks up to him so much. But looking at it again, is that really the brother or the upgraded version of Tenya? Well, whatever it is, they both look amazing!

3. Midoriya, Uraraka, and Ingenium


These three are integral parts of the hit anime, Boku no Hero Acedemia. And these cosplays definitely did them justice. Ingenium was already mentioned earlier, but we cannot skip on the main protagonist, Midoriya, and one of the main characters, Uraraka, too! The style of their hairs, the gloss of their metals, and the details of their belts, both characters were amazing!

2. Saber (Fate Stay Night)

IMG 3153

Well, well, well, this dynamic duo came in prepared! The bright light emitted from their spectacularly made swords was truly an eye-catcher. But the craftsmanship that went into their outfit was even more impressive. Their armor pieces, such as the breastplate, look amazing. They got everything right, even to the smallest detail!

1. Predator

IMG 3127

Finally, at number one, is a character we all know and love. This terrifying character looks just like the real one! But what makes this special is the fact that everything in the costume was made by the person wearing it! That’s right. The dreadlocks, armor, face mask—everything was made by him. Showcasing the resourcefulness and dedication needed in cosplaying, this definitely earns the number one spot in this list!

Best of Anime was a phenomenal event. It was a joy to be able to be part of a huge pop culture community and share my passion for anime with all of them. Filled with music, food, games, merchandise, and cosplayers, Best of Anime 2018 was definitely a big success!

More cosplays from Best of Anime 2018:

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IMG 3096

IMG 3163

IMG 3175

Best of Anime 2018 was a lot of fun—I felt the welcome embrace of fellow anime-lovers and I will surely come back!

Best of Anime 2018

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