LOOK: Netizens and Celebs’ Reactions to the Sharon-Gabby Reunion are so KILIG!

After 25 years, a big reunion fans have been waiting for finally happened.

On the morning of Feb. 9, 2018, McDonald’s Philippines released a new TV commercial starring the biggest tandem of the 80s—megastar Sharon Cuneta and heartthrob Gabby Concepcion. Needless to say, the internet kind of exploded. Fans were overwhelmed, 80s kids waxed nostalgia, and even celebrities raved with an outpour of support for #ShaGab. The word “kilig” took over social media.

In just under four hours, the video uploaded by McDo Philippines on Facebook, titled “Kumusta Ka”, already garnered over 40,000 shares, more than 75,000 likes and reactions, and get this—a whopping one million views. And counting! The megastar herself took to Instagram to thank everyone for their overwhelming support.

The internet reacts

With Gabby’s malagkit na mga tingin, and Shawie’s shy, kilig looks, the tandem proves that even after all these years apart, they still got it. Chemistry is chemistry, after all. And this McDo ad only proves that theirs is real and very much still there.

Fans, of course, are going crazy with this truly epic reunion!

Here are some reactions over Twitter:

And comments on the video on Facebook:

Others are saying that #ShaGab is still the ultimate tandem, and is the one to beat. (We agree.)

…while others got to contemplate on the idea of exes eventually becoming friends again.

And, of course, the inevitable: a clamor for an actual reunion movie.

Lastly, even celebrities weren’t immune to the #ShaGab magic.

Personality and style icon Tim Yap posted about the reunion on his Instagram:

Feeling lightheaded after watching the #shagab reunion @mcdo_ph ❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Tim Yap (@officialtimyap) on

Many celebs, from Bea Alonzo to Bianca Gonzales, couldn’t help express their kilig for #ShaGab.

And even amiga Lorna Tolentino couldn’t resist leaving heart comments.

Daniel Padilla’s mum Karla Estrada also couldn’t take all the pa-kilig.

Even the tandem’s own daughter, actress KC Concepcion, had to chime in on how adorable her parents are being.

Sigh. McDonald’s won this one, you guys.

And, if you haven’t yet, watch the video below and see the magic of #ShaGab for yourself:

What is your favorite #ShaGab movie??? Tell us in the comments! <3

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