LOOK: Megan Young is pranked by boyfriend, Mikael Daez, 500 feet above the ground

Actor Mikael Daez and Miss World 2013 Megan Young are currently enjoying their couple’s vacation in Japan. They’ve made stops at Osaka and Kyoto, and have already caught a glimpse of the famous cherry blossoms. But the most memorable part of their trip so far (at least for us), is probably the prank Mikael pulled on Megan.

(Megan Young’s Story of How She Met BF Mikael Daez Will Make You ‘Kilig’)

His post on Facebook explains that the two were heading up the Umeda Sky Building, a structure that measures 173 meters high — a fact that Mikael used to his advantage since it turns out, Megan has an intense phobia of heights. He wrote:

And i present to you my most memorable moment in Osaka! We visited the gorgeous Umeda Sky Building and crossed their iconic bridgeway escalator which was hundreds of feet above ground. Si madam Bonez, was enjoying so much that her fear of heights forgot to show itself. Right in the middle of the elevator, I “gently” reminded her to look out below and BAM…. this picture perfect moment was realized!

megan young mikael daez 2

Mikael even included a drawing to illustrate the point at which the prank took place:

mikael daez prank

Don’t worry! He quickly clarifies that he apologized shortly after and made it up to her:

Syempre, bawi bawi rin pag may time so we took a nice photo soon after to calm her nerves and soothe her cheesy heart. Pero sobrang saya ko talaga nung nagulat sya hahahahahahahaha [Of course, I had to make it up to her so we took a nice photo soon after to calm her nerves and soothe her cheesy heart. But I was really happy when she got frightened hahahahahahahaha]

megan young mikael daez 1

megan young mikael daez 1 1

He even followed it up by sharing on Instagram that he would be “staying in the hotel to sort [their] files and edit” as a way to make amends. If I were him, I’d be hoping that’s enough to get Megan to ‘forgive and forget’, else he had better be watching his back soon!

What’s the ‘worst’ prank your significant other has ever played on you? Share it with us in the comments!