Megan Young’s Story of How She Met BF Mikael Daez Will Make You ‘Kilig’

Miss World 2013 Megan Young got some super sweet story to tell. In her latest Instagram post, the 27-year-old beauty shared how she and her current boyfriend Mikael Daez met, making us all kilig.

The story she shared was accompanied by a photo wherein the actor and model can be seen giving the extremely happy-looking beauty queen a hug as he wrapped her in his jacket. Check out the lovely photo below:


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The first time we met, we were backstage for an event. He was modeling and I was hosting. I was feeling a bit down and the venue was a bit chilly – which he probably noticed and innocently lent me his jacket. We didn’t really talk much that night but his gesture left a lasting impression! 7 years later, this is how he lends me his jacket,” the actress and beauty queen wrote as a caption to her Instagram post.


Aww. Thank you for sharing your sweet love story, Megan!

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