Mikael Daez is Your Food, Fitness, and Travel Buddy!

Words by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)
Photos by Paul Omer Bicol (@paulomerbicol)

What do you call a man who can do it all?

Commonly, the answer would be the Renaissance man but I got one better for you. Two words: Mikael. Daez.

The actor is popularly known now for his character in GMA’s Legally Blind, Atty. Villareal. However, last March 30, we were treated to the other sides of this versatile actor; food critic, fitness guru, and travel bug. How’s that for well-rounded?

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Mikael DaezMikael as the judge of a food run at Carnival Food Park

Aside from his role in Legally Blind, Mikael is also the host of Midnight Express. Midnight Express is a short segment part of Saksi where he tries different dishes from different parts of the countryand sometimes, outside of it as well. A job that he truly enjoys! I mean, who wouldn’t?

But then, just how does Mikael do it all? How does he stay fit?

After all, not only is he the host of Midnight Express, he’s also a certified foodie. Simple. He said, that aside from keeping a strict work-out schedule and a healthy diet (less, if not, zero alcohol!). But like us, mortals, he allows himself a cheat day. (Cheat day. Not DAYS. Note to self.)

With adventure in his blood, it’s not surprising that Mikael also loves travelingif you follow his IG account, you’ll know just how much. He merges his love of traveling and eating by trying different dishes in the different places he goes to. No better way to start getting to know a culture, after all, than trying their cuisine, right?

To test this, we tried a little game, wherein we mentioned places and he would give dishes which he believes best characterizes that place. Manila got Sinigang (probably with sili, because it is sooo hot in Manila). Boracay got its famous real coffee calamansi muffins. Cebu got Ralfe’s dark chocolate and Davao got Tiny Kitchen’s kaldereta. 

So, if you’re looking for a life/travel/fitness peg? Mikael Daez is the man for you!

Catch Mikael on Legally Blind on GMA Afternoon Prime and on Midnight Express on Saksi! And if you’re into vlogs, Mikael has one on Youtube at www.youtube.com/user/MrMikaelDaez chronicling his different travel adventures! Stay stunned for his upcoming projects!

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