LOOK: Lorin Gutierrez’s magical prom gown was created by Rajo Laurel

Disney Princess fans, lend us your eyes. Remember when Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora was swirling around the castle ballroom in her color-changing dress? Nod if you do. Girl, forget about Prince Charming. Because if we’re going to be completely honest, that fairytale frock was the absolute stuff of dreams. Come on. Raise your hand if you also wanted that dress. I’m raising both, FYI.

Now that we’re done with all that princess throwback… You’ll probably go nuts if you find out that our very own fashion designer, Rajo Laurel, just turned it into a reality for Lorin Gutierrez’s prom night! Yup, you read that right. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather can’t even handle this…


In an interview with Preview, Rajo Laurel shared his inspiration for the dress and how he achieved that blue-purple shimmer…

We wanted something celestial-inspired, and I love sunsets, especially when there’s this lavender hue up in the sky. We layered a lavender and an aqua blue material. Because of the transparency of the organza, the two colors fused effortlessly. We also sprinkled the pleats and the entire bodice with crystals.

Now, that’s just magical!

What are your thoughts on this fairytale gown?