LOOK: K-Drama Features Iconic Pinoy Food Pandesal and Gin Bilog

Filipino fans of the K-Drama Vagabond are currently squealing over the sighting of two distinctly Pinoy additions on their show. Sadly, these additions don’t come in the form of characters but they’re practically the next best thing. Our generally loved pandesal and gin bilog were shown as a snack on the series’ 7th episode. 

The show follows the character of Lee Seung Gi, a stuntman investigating the plane crash which caused his nephew’s death. On his search, he makes the acquaintance of Secret Service Agent Go Hae Ri, played by Bae Suzy. Suzy is similarly investigating the mysterious plane crash. 

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It’s during a scene where Suzy is working away at the investigation at her computer desk where the iconic Pinoy items make their cameo. We see her desk littered with the usual suspects (headphones, some photos, the like). Conspicuously standing out is a bag of pandesal and the recognizable bottle of gin. 

Now, we’ve all probably at least tried both of these at one point in our life…but together? It’s a combo that makes you wonder if day drinking is finally on its way to becoming a socially acceptable activity. After all, pandesal is best eaten while still fresh in the morning.

Would you try this food combo?

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