LOOK: Is This What Duterte Will Serve During His Inauguration?

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is about to step into office and officially become the president of the Republic of the Philippines. But before that, he must formally be inaugurated on June 30, which will be followed by a dinner with guests. Duterte has been known for his uncompromising simplicity, and his menu for the dinner reflects that. Instead of serving fine cuisine, he will serve dishes found in any Filipino home.

Rafael Alunan shared a photo on Facebook on Duterte’s supposed menu in the inauguration. The menu consists of pan de sal with kesong puti, monggo soup with smoked fish and alugbati, lumpia ubod, pritong saging, and a durian tartlet. Drinks will be a pine-mango cooler and a dalandan juice.

Alunan said, “Paradigm shift in action. Work hard, live simply, serve humbly. That is the code of the public servant. It’s Digong’s code.”

The inauguration will be held inside Malacanang, where Duterte will be sworn in by Supreme Court Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes. Over 600 guests have been invited to witness the occasion at the Rizal Hall.

*Photo is originally from VOVph

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