LOOK: International and Local 90s Bands Came Together for an Ultimate Music Throwback Concert

Words by Jerika Danielle Clemente
Photos by Verna Sevilla, Eunick Nobe, and Lisa Marie David
Graphics by Mari Lorica


Migraine. Set You Free. Kisapmata. Out of My League. Charmed Life. Everything You Want. Best In Me.

Do these song titles ring a bell? And a bell that probably brings you back to a nostalgic trip of more than a decade down memory lane?

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These days we have the internet, CDs, and even applications like Spotify where you can listen to songs of these great late 90s to early 2000s bands and artists. BUT imagine if you get a chance to hear them live once again on stage while happily squirming with a sea of fans and singing along?

Not much just a concept anymore because PlayBack Music Festival does exactly that!

Held at Circuit Makati, performances from four renowned international artists and three amazing local artists, every 90s kid and throwback music lover certainly sang their hearts (and souls) out!

Scroll down and see why:

MYMP starting off the feels-trip

Stephen Speaks serenading the crowd (and making them cry inside)

Rivermaya setting the crowd on fire with their songs

Leigh Nash loving (and being loved by) the audience as she performed

Moonstar88 relieving our weekday migraines with their performance

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Vertical Horizon giving us the throwback of our life

BLUE ‘s performance putting modern boy bands into shame

And get this, it wasn’t just the music that was revived that night:

The snack that every 90’s kid devoured in their days (photo from Philippine Concerts’ twitter account)

Arcades and a game boy – what a time to be alive!

Food, arcade/video games, films and even the festival goers’ styles, you name it! It felt like going through a time machine and being in a 90s-to-early-2000′ portal.

Whether you’re a 90s (or earlier) baby or just a fan of the past decade’s music and culture, PlayBack Music Festival is something you shouldn’t miss! Even if you’re neither, it doesn’t hurt to try something new—even if it’s something from the past.

Watch out for the next Playback Music Festival here:


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