10 OPM Songs That Will Make You Feel Things

It’s that time of the year again. February. That month where there’s just too much feelings in the air. It may be that giddy feeling of seeing love all around, or possible that “sawi” feeling when you realize how lonely your are. A lot of times, it just gets contagious.

You could either ignore the feels, or find that one song that will make your life your own personal music video.


When in manila-01Art by Lemuel Abron

Here are some OPM songs (in no particular order) that will surely make you catch some feelings this month:

10 OPM Songs That Will Make You Feel Things

Love of My Life by South Border

Simple instruments + sweet lyrics + smooth falsetto = chills.

It’s a song that you’ll just love to hear over and over again just because of those beautiful vocals. Even i you’re happily single, this song makes you feel as if you’re madly in love.when

Those high notes just take you… well, high. It’s just what South Border’s songs do to you.

That one line: Love of my life/Destined forever/I will be right here by your side

Una’t Huling Pag-Ibig by Yeng Constantino

The ultimate song about that one great love–the first and last. This song is simple, with its melody likening a lullaby, but it’s the lyrics that get to you.

This was written by Ebe Dancel, and was used for Yeng’s wedding video. Try listening to this with their vows, and you’ll be reaching for that box of tissues in no time.

That one line: Ikaw ang una’t huling pag-ibig ng buhay ko/Kaytagal mang naghintay, nandito kana aking habang-buhay

Walang Hanggan by Quest


When you’re listening to this, you can’t help but feel heartbroken even if you’re completely single and you’ve got no one to think about. It’s the simplicity of this song–the rawness, the emotion. With Quest’s chilling voice, it’s the complete ‘hugot’ package.

It’s the song that asks all those questions that goes on in your mind when you can’t quite understand why it ended. Why did it have to end, after all that time and effort?

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That one line: Ang sabi mo walang hanggan, ba’t nandito tayo sa dulo?

Malaya by Moira Dela Torre

This was in the soundtrack for the movie Camp Sawi, and yes, it fits the movie perfectly. Moira’s airy vocals backed up only by a piano and strings makes this song a real tear-jerker.

It’s about finally letting go of that person, but loving them anyway. It hurts to let them go, but it hurts to love them, too.


That one line: Mangangarap pa rin, kahit masakit.

Let Me Be the One by Jimmy Bondoc


This song seems to be the anthem of all heartbreaks. It’s a crowd favorite about being the one to end the relationship when you both know it’s just not working anymore.

Honestly: do I really have to say more about this song?

That one line: Let me be the one to break it up so you don’t have to make excuses.