LOOK: Here’s How You Can Play Google’s New Hidden 8-Bit Game

If you love playing the Dinosaur Game while waiting for the connection to come back, then you’ll love this new hidden easter egg. And it’s just in time to celebrate this year’s Wimbledon tournament.


Google is known for their fun easter eggs so, in honor of the tournament, the new easter egg is an 8-bit tennis game where you use the arrow controls to control your player. The goal is to let your player hit the ball for as long as you can. But there’s a catch–the longer your streak, the faster the ball becomes.

The game ends when you fail to catch the ball.

But how do you access the game? Simply follow these steps:


1. Go to Google and search “Wimbledon high scores.”

2. The page will load a purple widget that shows the scores of the tournament. Look at the category bar and scroll until the end.

3. Click on the tennis ball icon.

4. Enjoy!

Practice now to beat your friends’ high scores!

What do you think about the hidden easter egg? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!