Google Wishes Jose Rizal A Happy 158th Birthday

Today — June 19, 2019 — marks the 158th birth anniversary of the Philippines’ National Hero, Jose Rizal. Any  Filipino will be able to tell you we celebrate Rizal for his part in the Philippines’ efforts towards independence, from his writings against the Spanish Friars to his execution which led to martyrdom. Whether symbolic or actual, his role in the revolution has been significant enough for Google to commemorate.

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jose rizal google doodle

(This Pinay actress is actually a direct relative of national hero Jose Rizal)

The search engine concisely said of the doodle: “Today, Rizal is remembered as a Filipino national hero whose expression of love and devotion for his nation in his novels, essays, and articles inspired a revolution.” The doodle recreates the likeness of Rizal with symbols that represent significant portions of his life.

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It features a feather quill pen, likely symbolizing his use of the written word as a revolutionary tool. The magnifying glass, on the other hand, represents his profession as an ophthalmologist. Behind the doodle of his face is inscribed an excerpt from one of his works, while below is a drawing of two small books. The books could possibly stand for two of his popular works, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. 

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