LOOK: Here’s A FREE Nutritious Meal Plan For 5 Days

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly torn about what to eat and where to eat every single day? Are you struggling between trying to live a healthy life and making the time for food planning and preparation? Do you wish there’s some sort of meal plan you can rely on for your daily meals?

If you answered yes to the questions above, here’s a guide that will totally make the next five days easier for you, meal-wise. Scroll down below and check out these meal plans crafted by our friends from The GoodBox PH. From breakfast to dinner, these well-balanced meals will surely keep you full and fulfilled all week long!


Breakfast: Egg and Sausage Pocket ; Decaf Coffee
AM Snack: Potato Fritters
Lunch: Fish Picante ; Brown Rice ; Fruits
PM Snack: Cocoa Pancake
Dinner: Korean Beef Stew ; Brown Rice ; Squash Cake


Breakfast: Broccoli Crepe ; Lite Soy Milk
AM Snack: Lemon Crackers
Lunch: Rosemary Chicken ; Side Salad ; Fruits
PM Snack: Polvoron
Dinner: Creamy Fish Pesto Pasta ; Mixed Mushroom Soup


Breakfast: Egg Florentine ; Toast ; Decaf Choco
AM Snack: Pisang Goreng
Lunch: Pork and Beans ; Brown Rice ; Fruits
PM Snack: Multigrain Cookies
Dinner: Kungpao Chicken ; Japanese Brown Rice ; Braised Bokchoy


Breakfast: Egg Drop Soup ; Toast and Butter
AM Snack: Muffin ; Bayani Brew
Lunch: Hickory Burger ; Potato Salad ; Chicken Veggie Soup
PM Snack: Clubhouse Sandwich
Dinner: Buffalo Chicken ; Side Salad ; Fruits


Breakfast: Egg and Chicken Tocino Casserole ; Mint Choco
AM Snack: Crackers and Fruit Jam
Lunch: Chicken Penne Rigate ; Side Salad ; Fruits
PM Snack: Baked Sweet Potato
Dinner: Garlic Ginger Fish ; Brown Rice ; Garlic Kangkong

Of course, food planning is just half the battle since you’ll still need to prepare these meals. Recipes can be found online but if you really can’t find the time and energy to make all these dishes, The GoodBox PH will gladly take care of them for you!

Yup, they’ll do the leg work. All you have to do is subscribe to their meal plans and eat the delicious and nutritious food delivered right at your doorstep. They’ll even curate and craft meals based on your lifestyle, preference and goals with the help of their Nutrition Questionnaire and in-house Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. No worries, all their meal plans are affordable, delicious and worth every peso!

You may visit The GoodBox PH here. Make sure to mention When in Manila!

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